Places To Eat

A compiled list of places to eat in and around Brighton&Hove.

BBQ Shack


Bringing the artform of Pit Style BBQ to The Worlds End in Brighton. Just near the Fire station on your way into Brighton, is this epic shack of meat. This is a must for all meat lovers.


BBQ Shack Menus


Once you find the Worlds End pub, don’t worry you will find this place if you go inside and walk to the back!

BBQ Shack Map



The Regency, Fresh Seafood

Regencylogo copy


The Regency must be Brighton & Hove’s best SeaFood restaurant. Located near the West Pier you are guaranteed both a gorgeous meal, in a relaxed setting, as well as a beautiful view when you walk back along the seafront.

Dish prices range from £2.75 – £20.95 and the menu can be found here.





Moshimo (Formerly Moshi Moshi)


With the statistic that 35% of Mishimos customers dine there EVERY WEEK they are obviously doing something right! Great food, fantastic atmosphere makes for a brilliant night. This isn’t the cheapest of restaurants in Brighton, but not the most expensive either and you really do get good value for money. Dish prices range from £1.90 to £60 for a sharer  Check out the menu here. One of the best places to eat in Brighton!


Smokeys Logo

“A slice of American Heaven by the British seaside”

Smokeys take the best of classic roadside cuisine from the heart of the States, add a pinch of spice from South of the border and bring it on home to Brighton!

Having visited the restaurant recently we can confirm, the food is amazing and the staff extremely accommodating! Definitely one we highly recommend for the meat and BBQ lovers!

Azaro Logo

Hoves best Indian dining has to be experienced at Azaro. Their lunch time taster platters give a great overview of what they are capable of. Attentive and friendly staff, reasonable price but great quality food so do not expect McDonald’s pricing!! Mains average around £11. They do also have a childrens menu as well as the lunchtime lighter meals. Oh and don’t forget to have one of their signature cocktails!